Our Certifications:


Over 33 years of continuous operation.

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KMS Machine Works Inc is committed to achieving the highest quality through continuous improvement and teamwork.
Our goal is to deliver products that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

KMS Machine Works, Inc. is committed to developing long term relationships with all customers by continuously providing the highest quality, lowest cost products in a timely manner. Our goal is to totally satisfy our customer's quality and delivery requirements, while remaining cost competitive in the marketplace.

We are committed to on-going improvements by adapting innovative manufacturing techniques, focused quality monitoring, enhanced employee training and continuous communication with customers to understand and exceed customer specifications and requirements.

We will continually review the effectiveness of our Quality Management System through strategic planning, performance monitoring, and by measuring the effectiveness of the systems activities at planned intervals. KMS adheres to and fosters the philosophy of continual, improvement at every level of the organization, as it strives to optimize the effectiveness of its Quality Management System.

Quality Certification: ISO 9001:2015 Registered               
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Quality Control:
Inspection methods and procedures reference current MIL-SPECS or per customer requirements.

Inspection equipment includes:

Carl Zeiss CMM, Eclipse model 550, with RDS/RST articulating auto-changing probe system, Zeiss Calypso software and QC Calc™ Statistical Software package

Electronic Bench Micrometer (0.000010 resolution) Nikon V-12 and V-14 Optical Compararators with Metronics digital resolution

Johnson Thread Measuring Gaging (System 22) Wilson Rockwell Series 2000 Hardness Tester

Carl Zeiss Surfcom 120A Profilometer Digital and conventional measuring tools sufficient to maintain measurements to 0.0001 in. resolution

Olympus, American Optical and Bausch & Lomb Stereo microscopes for detailed visual inspection  

Working to the guidelines of ISO 9001:2015, our quality standards are never compromised.